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For the environment.

We think sustainable.

We shape the future.

Sustainably it grows better.

As an innovative company, we want to help shape the future.

A change in thinking has begun as a result of climate change. Society is changing. The whole world is changing. And we as a company are also breaking new ground.

Our goal as a company is to become climate neutral in the first step and then climate positive.

Environment. Humanity. Economy. :

3 arguments for sustainable earths.

  • For the environment

    Global warming leads to the melting of glaciers, forest fires, floods. Peat cutting also has long-term consequences. After all, peat is not a renewable raw material. That’s why we are working intensively on alternatives. Only in this way will it be possible to do without peat in the medium term. This is how we reduce Co2 emissions. This is how we protect the environment.

  • For the next generations

    We are already seeing the effects of climate change. But the next generation will feel the consequences of global warming even more acutely.
    We want our children to grow up and live on a green planet. That is why we are committed to nature and the climate.

  • For economic efficiency:

    The next generation attaches great importance to sustainability and actively demands it. Will peat then still be profitable at all in the long term? Consumer behavior is changing. We believe that it is uneconomical not to look at alternatives now.